Pixel Piracy Online : Pirate MMO
Ahoy there, ye scurvy dogs and daring adventurers! Ready yer sea legs for the most epic voyage on the horizon – our swashbucklin' Pirate MMO, a wild experiment defyin' all conventions!

Sail solo or gather yer hearty crew, dive into the pirate life, and shape a world teemin' with treasures and treachery.

Plunder towns, level up like a true buccaneer, and forge alliances on land and sea! Equip yerself for grand battles, discover hidden riches, and craft yer way to legendary status.

Arrr, the pictures be just teasin' – the true thrill awaits ye on this daring escapade! Set sail, me hearties, for a rip-roarin' adventure crafted just for ye! Aye aye, captain!

No microtransactions, no subscription fees. Each server hosts 1,500-3,500 players, with options for private servers just for you and your friends....

Join the Alpha Test by participating in our crowdfunding campaign, where server tests are conducted on a monthly basis.
  • World Explore the world of piracy through the lens of different settings and biomes.
  • RPGThe game has many possibilities: role-play as a farmer who doesn't kill anyone directly but through poison or play a traditional pirate and try to become the best pirate captain in the world.
  • NPC'sAre you playing MMO games as single-player games? No worries, Classic Pixel Piracy spirit is retained here; you can hire pirate crew as NPCs and play alone.
  • Social Spend time in your favorite tavern, play minigames, and socialize. Atmosphere and Immersion will ensure that you can idle there for hours.
  • Ship System Build ships and sail across huge oceans and, uncover new lands to settle in, battle other players, and take their unprotected loot.