Welcome to a different kind of gaming investment! PPO-REV-SHARES is not just about investing; it's about joining a journey. You get a cut from Steam's payments and have a say in PPO game's growth – your chance to be part of something unique!

How it Works

As our PPO game hits Steam, royalties flow into the PPO Portal, converting into revenue for our PPO-REV-SHARE holders. It's not just a financial move; it's a community-driven investment. Admin with community ensures smooth operation.

PPO Portal is automatic and designed to wire payments to your bank account monthly after steam wires revenue.

Why PPO Stands Out

In a world of trends, PPO keeps it simple. We're not into complicated stuff; we're here to make just a game that people would enjoy playing. Your returns depend on how much people like PPO game on Steam – every investor plays a crucial role.

Risks and Rewards

Game development has risks, especially for an MMO. But with a dedicated team and efficiency, success is on the horizon. Imagine what a diverse community can achieve.

No Financial Pressures

PPO doesn't play money games: no tricky purchases, no free-to-play traps, and no annoying ads. There won't be any microtransactions. We're all about keeping gaming pure fun, and the community agrees.

Transparency and Community Involvement

PPO is not just a project; it's a community. Share ideas, contribute, and have a say in decisions. PPO-REV-SHARES is your opportunity to be part of decentralized game development.

Note: The Investment Window is currently closed for this period. Please check back later and monitor Discord for information on when the next round will open.

PPO Platform Rules

Rules Version
Current Admin
Vitali Kirpu
Vitali Kirpu Productions
[email protected]
ID 2345608-6
  • Definitions:

    Admin / Current Admin: The individual or entity responsible for the operation and management of PPO Game and PPO Platform.

    PPO Game
    The digital game known as PPO: Pixel Piracy Online. Steam Store Page

    PPO Platform
    The online portal (

    First Admin
    Vitali Kirpu, the creator of PPO and PPO Platform.

    Platform Account
    When users acquire PPO-REV-SHARES, they are granted a Platform Account. This Platform Account serves as the repository for users' PPO-REV-SHARES and facilitates the distribution of revenue share.
  • Copyright: The Admin is the sole copyright owner of PPO Game and PPO Platform; this exclusive ownership permits the Admin to engage in commercial exploitation of PPO, ensuring they can fulfill their duties as stipulated in these rules. No other entity holds these copyrights. Investing in PPO-REV-SHARES doesn't give any copyrights.
  • Revenue: All commercial PPO game sale revenue goes through the portal and the Game can only be exploited commercially on Steam; no OTC 1:1 deals or publishers dealings are allowed, and no PPO-REV-SHARE exchange between parties, this is not exchange. If the Admin's intent is to execute the Survival of PPO rule, he is allowed to perform a 1:1 deal, but only through that framework. Revenue that Steam transfers to the interim bank account must be sent to the PPO Portal System for automatic processing and redistribution to the platform accounts.
  • PPO-REV-SHARE: PPO-REV-SHARE has a total supply of 10,000,000 units, primarily used as accounting units. Please note that PPO-REV-SHARE is not cryptocurrency.

    Price is recalibrated in real-time and after purchases.
  • Equal Rights: The development and rules of the PPO Portal should benefit every PPO-REV-SHARE holder equally regardless of how much stake they have.
  • Recoup: 90% of the revenue share to be received by Admin is first used to recoup the initial investment of other PPO-REV-SHARES owners who have not yet recouped their initial investment. This rule doesn't apply if PPO-REV-SHARE was purchased from the Temporary Vault or to Locked PPO-REV-SHAREs bound to Staff Positions.
  • Deals with Admin: If you want to purchase PPO-REV-SHARES from Admin directly below the market rate, you can't. Admin can only sell his PPO-REV-SHARES through the portal based on the pricing algorithm V2; any other venues are banned. You can't make any deals with the Admin regarding PPO Game or PPO Portal. This doesn't apply if the Admin is trying to execute the Rule of STAFF.
  • CD-Keys: Investing in PPO does not give you the Steam CD-Key of the commercial version of the game; you must buy it from Steam if you plan to play. The admin is banned from creating commercial CD keys, including the generation of CD keys for marketing activities.
  • Rule of STAFF: The Admin, along with PPO-REV-SHARE holders, has the authority to appoint a maximum of 8 Staff Members to take on key roles in art production, game marketing, and community management. The Admin can allocate up to 20% of the Total PPO-REV-SHARES for these Staff Positions, with each position being entitled to a portion ranging from 1% to 3.5%. These allocated PPO-REV-SHARES are then locked and lose their voting rights, as they become specifically designated for Staff Positions. However, they continue to accumulate revenue for the staff members occupying these positions.

    PPO-REV-SHARE holders have the ability to propose the removal of Staff Members who fail to fulfill their duties. When a Staff Member is removed, compensation is provided from the Treasury, based on the proposal settings. It's important to note that the Admin is not allowed to participate in proposals that have a negative impact on Staff Positions.

    Additionally, any work produced by Staff Members becomes the exclusive property of the Admin, granting the Admin full commercial exploitation rights, including the transfer of all copyrights to the Admin.

    These Positions are 1: Growth Hacker A, 2: [TBD], 3: Community Manager A, 4:[TBD], 5: Pixel Artist A, 6: Pixel Artist B, 7: BizDev, 8: [TBD] Staff Member's cant use AI.
  • Treasury Fee: Everyone pays a 1-3% Treasury Fee from their revenue share; this fee is then distributed to the treasury, and you can use it, for example, to sell your PPO-REV-SHARES. Sold PPO-REV-SHARES are deallocated and put into a temporary vault that new investors can use to purchase when the Admin no longer sells own PPO-REV-SHARES. Receipts go back to the Treasury from the Temporary Vault.
  • Cashout: Once the game becomes commercially available, Admin must create a cashout feature and a small KYC process that the payments go to the person who made the initial payment; this is done to prevent money laundering. Transferring PPO-REV-SHARE off to another person is allowed but requires a document of sale, tax payment receipt, or death certificate. You need to accumulate a minimum of 20$ revenue share before you can cash out; and pay STRIPE PROCESSING FEE (It's around 1-2% + 0.5c, will be realtime fee).
  • Legal Disputes: Engaging in any hostile actions, including taking legal measures, against other platform users or the Admin as a PPO-REV-SHARE holder is strictly prohibited and condemned. Operate transparently and in good faith to avoid actions that might jeopardize the investment potential of fellow PPO-REV-SHARE holders. Legal actions against the Admin are explicitly forbidden, except in extraordinary circumstances where substantial grounds and a clear indication of Admin malice exist. Choosing legal action may result in the Admin being released from the obligation to honor your PPO-REV-SHARES. In legal matters, it's imperative to ensure that every holder's perspective is actively considered and primarily addressed through the platform's proposal system. Utilize mediation procedures for a fair resolution and refrain from alternative measures to foster a cooperative environment.
  • Death: If the Admin dies, PPO-REV-SHARE holders have the collective right and power to sell Admin's PPO-REV-SHARE's, PPO game, server, and platform source files to the well-known publisher that has been in business with Steam for at least twenty years, who can then continue admin operations. The sale price is Admins PPO-REV-SHARES AMOUNT X 0.75 X CURRENT PPO-REV-SHARE PRICE. All sales profits will go to the admins next of kin. The publisher must abide by the same rules as the first Admin. In this situation, the Corporate Admin rule is removed and new Admin has more authority in modification of the platform rules as long as they don't undermine PPO-REV-HOLDERS.
  • Survival of Infrastructure: In a situation where the game struggles with sales and the admin can't cover the payment for infrastructure (PPO Portal and Game Servers), the admin can invoke the special rule that allows him to take funds from treasury or 1%-80% of incoming revenue share from everyone, including himself, to cover the operating costs of the infrastructure and to ensure the survival of infrastructure and continuation of fun. This applies if Admin can't make the payment from his revenue share.
  • Right to Test: PPO-REV-SHARES holders have the collective right to request the Admin to put the Test Server Online for a few hours once a month to inspect the development progress that is being made.
  • Survival of PPO: In the event that the Admin becomes incapacitated, unable to perform their duties, or decides to step down voluntarily, a designated successor can be appointed by the Admin to ensure the continued operation and management of the PPO Portal and associated infrastructure. The Admin can sell the PPO Game and PPO Portal and all their copyrights to the next Admin. This action requires a proposal through the proposal system.

    The interested party can't inspect source files or infrastructure to prevent espionage. Admin has to make sure that the passing of the files is as painless to the end users (players) as possible and as clean as possible to the next Admin and that the game can be restarted within 24 hours.
  • Survival of Admin: If it's difficult for the Admin to perform development activities due to the holidays, financial issues, or sickness, he can freeze development for a certain period. In addition, if Admin becomes bankrupt and is challenged, for example, by debtors, PPO-REV-SHARE holders can contest and challenge debtors and demand execution of Survival of PPO rule.

    Anyone trying to remove admin or attemps prevent him from executing his function as outlined in these PPO Platform rules accepts the following liability: You accept to pay 100,000$ to every single PPO-REV-SHARE investor.
  • Corporate Admin: If the platform's Admin is a company with more than one person or not a natural person, the Survival of PPO has the following amendment.

    Amendment: If still alive, the original Admin shall have the exclusive option to repurchase the PPO Game, PPO Portal, and all associated copyrights for a nominal sum of $1,000. This provision takes precedence over any other clauses related to the survival of PPO and does not require a formal proposal for execution. It is important to note that this particular clause is irrevocable and serves as a safeguard to guarantee that the original creator of the PPO Game and Portal retains the ability to revive the game.
  • Payment Guarantee: Admin guarantees to wire automatic royalty payments to PPO-REV-SHARE investors within 30 days. After that, those payments that are late incur 0.001% daily interest; this interest is to be paid from the treasury. If the Admin still doesn't pay after 180 days, PPO-REV-SHARE owners can collectively ask Steam to perform punitive freeze action against the Admin, such as freezing PPO payments to the Admin.
  • Perpetuality: After one year of the game's commercial release, the admin starts taking a perpetual fee of 1$+VAT on top of payment processor fee for every payment wire to the PPO-REV-SHARE holders. This is the cost of perpetual payment service. If the cost of perpetual payment service is unmanageable, the Admin can raise the price by a maximum of 25% once a year.
  • Force Majeure: In the event that Admin is unable to perform its obligations due to any of the aforementioned force majeure events, Admin shall be excused from its performance obligations under this agreement for the duration and to the extent that such events affect its ability to perform.
  • Developnent Guarantee: While the PPO Game is in development, the Admin guarantees to allocate at least 35 hours a week for the PPO game development if it's easily proven that the PPO Portal satisfies a monthly burn rate of 4000$. During public holidays, holidays, the Admin can take a break.

    Admin is banned from using outside developers and must protect source code carefully and make backups. Only generalist programmers with more than 10 years of development experience can operate PPO.

    Non-competitive: In addition, if the game is not commercially available yet or has been commercially available for less than three years. The Admin is banned from developing other games; this non-competitive clause comes into effect on 1.6.2024 if it's easily proven that the PPO Portal satisfies a monthly burn rate of 5000$.
  • QA: Admin is banned from accepting inbound QA/Localization offers from other companies. Instead, the Admin must make outbound outreaches to the companies previously unknown to him.
  • Game Price: PPO Can't have microtransactions or pay-to-win mechanics; this IAP rule is immutable and cannot be altered. PPO-REV-SHARE investors will decide the game entry price and potential DLC structure. Admin can't set discounts for PPO, but he can take special offers from Steam that Steam offers directly to him.
  • Proposals: Proposals that positively impact the platform can override rules, but Admin has VETO in case of a hostile takeover or if it conflicts with the Survival of Admin and Infrastructure Rule. These proposals must happen on PPO Portal using Proposal System that is yet to be developed. Admin can alter these rules to push forward the game's development and PPO Portal, but only if they don't damage already established return on investment convention. Proposals made through the Proposals System will have to meet a certain quorum and have a majority vote.

    Admin is allowed to correct grammatical errors and term conflicts and make modifications in the absence of the proposal system as long as they benefit everyone collectively. It's everyone's sole responsibility to follow this page for any changes. You can use something like Wayback Machine for that.
  • Established return on investment convention: The Established Return on Investment Convention centers on the revenue-sharing model, ensuring that PPO-REV-SHARE holders receive a share of Steam's royalty payments from the game's commercial availability. This rule is immutable and cannot be altered if it has a negative effect. Furthermore, suppose the Admin attempts to change this rule with malicious intent. In that case, the Admin has to revert the change within 30 days, or PPO-REV-SHARE holders obtain the collective right to request STEAM to freeze PPO payments to the Admin and initiate a police criminal investigation.
  • Revenue Share %: YOUR_PPO_REV_SHARE_COUNT / 10000000 %

    For example, if you own 200,000 PPO-REV-SHARES, your revenue cut will be 2% after Steam.

    Scenario: Steam wires 500,000$ to the PPO Portal / Admin; your share of the payment will be 10,000$ (2%). When cashing out, stripe fee and potential perpertual fee service will be applied.
  • Risk Management: Admin is not responsible for any damages that this Portal can cause, and Admin doesn't guarantee any profit. PPO-REV-SHARES is an Investment Instrument involving high risk, nothing else.
  • Service: To clarify, the PPO-REV-SHARE Holders are not getting any services beyond payout and perpetually. Everything else is deemed an investment and involves high risk.
  • Jurisdiction: The Admin must either be a resident of one of the following countries or perform operations from within these countries:

    Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Türkiye, Estonia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Canada, Luxembourg, Australia, Ireland, South Korea, Belgium, United Kingdom, Czechia, Hong Kong SAR, Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, France, United States, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia

    Residents of these countries or individuals conducting operations within them are eligible for the Admin position.
  • GDPR: Beyond email addresses, the PPO Portal doesn't store any other personal data; in the event of a breach, it's impossible to identify a person, and the database can be reconstructed.
  • Credentials: Shell Companies and Holding Companies are strictly prohibited from operating PPO and acquiring Admin Privileges. Only companies/individuals engaged in active game industry-related activities, possessing a reputable history of at least twenty years of collaboration with Steam, are eligible to assume the role of Admin. First, Admin is exempt from this clause as he is the creator.

    It is strictly prohibited for the Admin to engage in any tax avoidance schemes or establish additional companies with the intention of transferring copyrights or evading the obligations outlined in these rules.
  • First Admin: The terms outlined in this platform's rules should not burden the First Admin to the extent that it becomes difficult for them to lead a normal life.
  • Communication: The Admin is prohibited from engaging in communication on PPO Steam Forums and PPO Steam reviews, except for the purpose of posting PPO announcements.
  • Insider Information: The unauthorized acquisition of financially valuable information from the Admin, including details on how the PPO-REV-SHARE pricing algorithm operates, is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the Admin is expressly prohibited from disclosing any information regarding the workings of the pricing algorithm to anyone. These attempts may result in the Termination of your Platform Account.
  • PPO-REV-SHARE Pricing Algorithm: As the admin advances the development and as investors acquire PPO-REV-SHARES, the project naturally gains in value. The primary objective of the pricing algorithm is to safeguard and maintain this increasing value of the project
  • Exploits: Report bugs and exploits to the Admin. Abusing possible PPO Platform exploits may result in the termination of your account.
  • Bugs: Any potential bugs are the responsibility of the Admin to rectify. Information that contains bugs is considered invalid and will be overridden by the corrected version once the issues have been addressed.
  • Termination: When a PPO Platform account or PPO Platform is terminated, all PPO-REV-SHARES and associated privileges are forfeited, and the Admin is relieved of any further responsibilities for these accounts.

    PPO-REV-SHARES forfeited during the Termination of the platform account are returned to the Admin.
  • Duration: These rules automatically renew yearly starting from 12.12.2023. Renewal can be contested if the proposal is made and reaches the necessary quorum and majority vote (Admin is not allowed to participate in this vote but has VETO that can block passing of platform termination proposal.); this can also be viewed as the termination of these rules and the end of PPO, relieving everyone of their responsibilities.
  • Survival: In the event of the platform's termination, the Admin retains exclusive copyright ownership of the PPO and PPO Portal, along with complete legal immunity against any claims arising from the platform's termination. The credentials clause remains in effect even after the PPO Platform ceases to operate.

    In the unique scenario where the First Admin is still alive, they receive copyright ownership for the PPO and PPO Portal, as well as full legal immunity against any potential claims resulting from the platform's termination. In this case, the current Admin loses their claim to copyright ownership and legal immunity.

    Regardless of the situation, whether it is the Admin or the First Admin, if they decide to relaunch the project for commercial purposes at any point, they are obligated to adhere to the same platform rules.