It's all about the journey; check completed milestones and stay tuned for new ones; these milestones should guide you and give you an idea of where the project is heading next and where it was.

This game is still in development. Contributors can already access the test build.
Current Objective: Admin is now working on the Fishing System and then he will begin work ship builder...


Then Admin added swimming and diving, you could even battle underwater.


Completed User Interface System; everything was going according to the plan; Admin could now do different UIs.

You can also watch the second YouTube Stream, where the Admin talked about the game; got also new mic and a hat.

YouTube Stream
Then, Admin let some people in, and they had a nice chat.

You can also watch the first YouTube Stream, where the Admin talked about the vision and game for about 30 minutes; sorry for the mic. It was the first time.

YouTube Stream
Admin liked sand. So he made John and Sand Biome; this was done to test the terrain tech further and portals.
Admin made portal system that can be used to travel to different zones.
Admin decided to refine the looks some more, added torch, and vegetation that you can use to climb upwards.
Admin made some MMO Slimes that he could destroy for testing and leveling purposes.
Admin then created Billy Bob and Jungle Biome so that he was not alone and had some scenery to look at.
Work began on the actual net code. The stuff was ugly, but that's how development goes. First, they laugh, then they want you.
Then, Admin started working on the terrain tech further and creating different physics models.
Then Admin made this tile system. It all really started from this.


First, Admin created Server Infrastructure so that life could happen in the virtual realm; this took very long time, almost 12 months.